Where Are We Now?

This is a question many people have asked throughout the decades. This is one weird time of year with so much information being expressed and […]

Facebook’s Success Not a Fad

The Stock in Facebook is Buy

Facebook has gone above and beyond expert expectations since its initial price offering a few years ago. Much of this success has been justified under […]

Oil Begins Climbing Again

Prices Keep Changing Big Time

The price of oil jumped up again, following the announcement that Saudi Arabia and Russia would begin working together to try and stabilize worldwide oil […]

ECB to Discuss Inflation Worries

We Have to Make all the Right Decisions

The European Union has received a great deal of scrutiny over the last several months. With England voting to leave the EU, many individual economies […]

When a Trend is Not What It Seems

These Make a Huge Difference

Traditional knowledge states that the healthcare industry is one of the most consistent long term growth sectors out there. Everybody needs healthcare, and as the […]