Facebook’s Success Not a Fad

The Stock in Facebook is Buy

Facebook has gone above and beyond expert expectations since its initial price offering a few years ago. Much of this success has been justified under the guise that they were a leader in a new industry and that as the industry grew, Facebook’s dominance would quickly fade away. Anyone who has been observing the stock over the last several months though, knows that this hasn’t been the case.

Analysis backs up this assumption. If you look at the top four downloaded apps over the month of August, Facebook and its properties take up the top slots. This includes Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, and Instagram. The company has been scrutinized, and many believed that they were going to be the next MySpace, but there are no hard facts that back up this claim. Regardless of your personal feelings about Facebook and its usefulness in your life, it is still the dominant force in the world of social media, and it keeps innovating itself so that it can stay there.

Facebook currently stands at around $129 per share, more than doubling in price over the last couple years. It’s been an impressive ride, and even though new social media companies have emerged and risen in dominance over the last 12 months, Facebook is seemingly unfazed by the new competition. They’ve even been able to incorporate a lot of other sites into their own services. This includes integration with Instagram and Twitter, both of which have been hugely successful independent of Facebook.

Ultimately, this reflects some very important things about the leadership within the company. Facebook has gone through so many changes, even over the course of the last few months. This has taken the shape in not just adjusting the site and the apps that go along with it to better fit user needs, although this is an important component of their success. Facebook has found unique ways to monetize a lot of things, from games to advertising to business features. The company is fully responsive, uses cutting edge technology, and can be customized to better fit individual needs. No other social media site has been able to keep pace with them as a result.

These are also principles that can easily be applied to other companies. Think of the major technology stocks, like Apple or Microsoft. They are not the only companies within the sector, but they are leaders there. Or, look at a company like Amazon, or even Alphabet. Again, they are not the only respective sites in their field, but they are able to stand out because of the effective leadership and vision of the people running the company.

In fact, many investors—especially activist investors like Warren Buffett and Bill Ackman—look to leadership issues when making their choices. Strong leadership can help a good company become a great one, and poor leadership can hurt even the most well-positioned of companies. This is not going to play as much into short term trades, such as what is most typical of options traders, but it is a good way to help you supplement your day trades as you establish hedging positions. For example, a few years ago, Coca Cola was having some severe leadership issues, and as a result, the company’s stock price dropped dramatically over the course of a few months. Taking out a long term put option on the company early on in this process would have been a very profitable move. Again, Coca Cola is a staple in the world’s culture and they have a very strong product, but because of issues within their leadership team, the company was hurt profoundly.

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